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Welcome to Moonifest Magic!

Moonifest Magic is a crystal candle brand that create ethical and elegant candles with purpose.

Our ethos is to produce candles that have less impact on the environment, are cleaner to burn and are strikingly unique. Our artisan candles are hand poured in small batches to ensure quality.

“A Treasure in a box” We want our customers to experience a delight to their senses when opening and lighting their Moonifest Magic candle.

Every candle in our range of 12 intention candles has a purpose or ‘intention’ behind them. Each has its own distinct look and is adorned with two beautiful crystals to elevate the energies of that intention. And a special little gift to the moon, each of which has significance to the meaning behind the candle.


Our mystery crystal candles have a beautiful crystal hidden inside. A mystery crystal is hidden within the candle wax. Your crystal is revealed as the candle burns. Currently available in Autumn, Winter & Spring candles. Summer mystery crystal candle coming soon!

I began candle making during the second lockdown, as a hobby, and it quickly became a passion.
I combined my love of crystals and setting intentions into making crystal candles for myself. Then started to receive requests from friends and family and I enjoyed it so much, I thought 'I could do this as a business' and so I did.

I launched Moonifest Magic in November 2021, and have been delighted by the support my small business has received! I am so grateful. I'm excited to share new products that I've been working on soon!

If you have any questions or queries, send me a message, I would be only too happy to help.

Moonifest Magic

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